Jamie Sage


Passionate Computer Enthusiast

Who Is Jamie?


My name is Jamie Sage and I am a computer enthusiast.

Currently working as a full-stack web developer, I am experienced in a wide range of different languages and technologies.

Lately, I have spent a lot of time using PHP (Laravel framework) along side with React and MySQL.

In my spare time, I am a keen gamer and have several side projects which I enjoy working on.

I am always looking for new projects to work on whether that would be helping out friends or family to create a online presence or developing websites/scripts for clients.

If you do want to contact me for any reason at all, please feel free to drop me an email.


My Work


I have worked on many projects throughout my time while learning to develop websites, applications and scripts. Below is a list of all the projects which have been put into production or I have been allowed to put here by a client.


1v1 Me, Bro!


1v1 Me, Bro! is a website where you can challenge players to 1v1 on custom maps in Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). This site would allow you to deploy small, customisable, private CSGO servers where you can play and then see your statistics straight after the match. This is an on-going side project which I would love to finish one day.


Archunar Photography


This website was created for a close friend who wanted a photography website. I decided to build a site for him as there was no way I was going to let him use WordPress! I ventured into Amazon Web Services, using Amazon S3 for photo storage and AWS Lambda to control image compression and resizing.


Chipmunk Chat


Chipmunk Chat was a free, live support software in which any website can easily implement, manage and communicate with potential new customers by adding a small live chat widget to their website.


Jamie's Servers


Jamie's Servers was a web service company which provided web, virtual private server and gaming server hosting. Founded in late 2013, it was initally used to host several websites and virtual servers before expanding and allowing new customers. While Jamie's Servers was a success, it closed for business in Q4 2015.

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HWF Installations


This website was created to showcase and advertise floor instllations made by a company called Hard Wood Flooring (HWF) Installations. The website contained all relevant information about the company alongside a contact from where potential customers could send emails directly to HWF Installations.




YourStatus.io is a free hosted status page where you can sign up and receive a beautiful status page for your network to keep your users up to date. YourStatus.io checks your networks servers for outages and notified you when something goes wrong; it also allows you to link your users to a permanent URL where you can post updates and view up time statistics.


SolusVM Template


This template was created and used apart of the Jamie's Servers project; it was a custom web template which changed the default SolusVM web design and integrated it into the rest of Jamie's Servers web design / application.


VTC Portal


VTC Portal was originally created as a Virtual Trucking Company (VTC) management software. It quickly became a bigger project than anticipated and expanded to become a custom content management system which can be integrated early on into any PHP based project.




This project was created for a friend who wanted to run a radio station for Euro Truck Simulator 2. It allowed listeners to requests songs and communicate with the current DJ with ease.


Space Mods


Space mods allowed users to easily upload, manage and view modifications for Space Engineers. This website was created before Space Engineers was released but unfortunately, the website never went public.


Bone County: Roleplay


Bone County: Roleplay was a roleplay community for San Andreas: Multiplayer where I was the Lead Developer (and admin) for. It was a popular and successful server which shut down in mid 2015.


TCAdmin Module for Blesta


This is a module for Blesta which integrated TCAdmin into the billing panel and allows owners to automatically set up gaming servers when someone purchased a product through Blesta (the billing panel).


Any many more...



If you would like to contact me for any reason at all, please use the contact form below.

All emails are sent directly to my main personal email address so I should be able to reply as soon as possible!

I look forward to hearing from you.