Posted Saturday, 18th July 2020

FRISKA Stockholm Standing Desk Review

I have been wanting to get a standing desk for a while now as I'm usually sat down for at least 9 hours every day of my life (probably more if I'm honest with myself). After doing a couple of weeks of research and one refund on a standing desk from another company due to stock/support problems, I ended up getting a FRISKA Stockholm Standing Desk.

I found it quite frustrating while researching standing desks for sale in the UK as a lot of reviews and well-established companies are US-based. If the company was UK based there seemed to be no reviews, a bunch of mixed reviews or seemingly good reviews but no stock.

I couldn't find a tonne of reviews for FRISKA but the reviews that exist were positive and the desk comes with a 10-year guarantee.

I talked to their live chat and they seemed very knowledgeable and were very helpful so I decided to risk it and give them a shot.


FRISKA offer free next day delivery to mainland UK if you order before midday. I ordered my desk in the evening and received an email the next morning stating that my desktop colour was out of stock. I promptly ask for a different colour and my order was updated and dispatched later the same day.

I received the delivery just before midday the next day as promised in three different components; the tabletop, the frame and the cable management tray. Everything was well packed and nothing was damaged during shipping.

Image showing the packaging of the desk


The desk comes with paper instructions which explained the construction of the desk in a series of images. I wish there was a bit more explanation in the instructions as one of two of the steps were not clear, however, there were good enough for me to be able to build the desk myself (I am nowhere near a handyman). FRISKA have short video tutorials on their website which helped me the most during assembly. The assembly video doesn't follow the instructions provided which did cause a bit of confusion but I got there eventually. The desk did not come with any tools but it did come with all the necessary screws and holes pre-drilled.

There were a couple of screws that I was not able to screw in by hand. I had to use a hand drill in order to get them in. It also took me a bit to figure out how to put the cable management tray (not pictured) together/onto the desk as there were no instructions included. But, other than that, the assembly process was smooth and took me about 1 hour and 45 minutes to finish by myself.

Image showing the disassembled frame

The tabletop/frame

I went for the 1400x700 black frame/tabletop and bought the additional Memory Control switch (as memory control is not standard). The desk itself seems to be very good quality; i have three monitors on a triple monitor stand which this desk has no problem supporting. According to their website, the desk supports up to 120kg (I can vouch that it can hold at least 82kg (me)) which is more than enough for my setup.

Update 03/2021

FRISKA have brought out a new memory control switch that integrates into the desk which they've kindly upgraded me to. It has two memory presets that you can change along with a digital screen displaying the height and manual up and down controls. I have attached an image below showing the new control switch along with the original one for comparison.

The new memory control switch is such a nice improvement on the old switch I originally purchased. While the old one worked perfectly fine and did its job well, the new switch doesn't have any unnecessary buttons and fits stylishly into the desk which makes the tabletop look that much better.

I also purchased FRISKAs' cable management tray which is massive and fits all my cables. It unclips and hangs to make it easy to access. A must-have in my opinion.

The desk has a dual motors and does have an audible sound when going up and down but it is not loud enough to disturb the people sleeping in the next room (quieter than 40 DbA according to FRISKA). The motors are very smooth and will not spill a full cup of tea while moving.

I am approximately 184cm (6'1") tall and this desk goes up to 130cm (4'2") which is uncomfortably high for me. My sitting height for the desk is 70cm (2'2") and standing height is 113cm (3'7") so have a lot of playing room and could recommend this desk for people who are taller than me.

I know that this is probably very subjective but for me, the desk has very little noticeable wobble when standing and typing with normal use. I can make the desk wobble by pushing back and forth but notice no wobble unless I intentionally make it. There is no difference in wobble between this desk and my previous non-standing desk at sitting height.

I was worried at first that the wobble of a standing desk would be a show stopper for me as I do a lot of typing. However, I am very happy with the stability of this desk at both sitting and standing heights.

Image showing the desk assembled
Friska standing desk assembled
New control switch
Image showing the desk assembled
Friska standing desk assembled
Old control switch

To conclude

I am very pleased with the Stockholm Standing Desk and would recommend it. FRISKA has great customer support and the desk comes with a 10-year guarantee. The desk has very little noticeable wobble with normal use at sitting or standing heights and comes with good cable management options. The new memory control switch fits stylishly into the desk and works great. The overall price tag is quite high but the desk is built to a very high standard and I have had no problems with it so far.

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